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Comfort, safety and energy savings with Tibitec Comfort Smarthomes

With the term "Smarthome", most people, particularly older users, are thinking about highly sophisticated, complicated buildings. In fact, however, a Smarthome makes life much easier for everyone: a Smarthome controls automatically or at the push on a button for example house lighting, roller shutters, awnings, heating or alarm. This means centralization of home elements, energy savings and burglary protection. A smarthome makes life not only much easier but also saves energy, whereby the heating management reduces the heating costs by up to 30%.

Sensors can be used multifunctionally. Window sensors, for example, which indicate opening or closure, can also report a break-in or be used simultaneously in heating management. When opening windows, the radiators are hut down automatically and as soon as the window is closed again, the heating system returns to normal temperature.
The control can be done either automatically, remotely via smartphone or manually via "light switch" in the house. The normal light switches are exchanged and programmed for installation without any major structural works and are then ready for use. Thanks to radio-based products, a Smarthome can also be easily implemented in existing buildings.

Tibitec Comfort designs your Smarthome, which leaves nothing to be desired. We would be pleased to advise you individually, free of charge and solution-oriented.

In the category Homematic IP you can find Smarthome componets with which you can start to create your own Smarthome. All offered products are very easy to use, to install and to program and this in almost every language.

It is not necessary to change the whole installation to a Smart installation at the time, you have the possibility to create your Smarthome step by step. Al components of Homematic IP and Homematic are 100% compatible, so that you can introduce, combine or interchange whenever you need to or want to.

You can find out which possibilities offer the solutions with Homematic and/or Homematic IP in our new website in the section "Information"


Furthermore, you can purchase the Homematic IP components to create your own Smarthome.

Please don´t hesitate contacting us, we are pleased to help and to answer your questions around our offered Smarthome solutions



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