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The intelligent home:

What is KNX - EIB?

More convenience, more safety, higher energy savings: The demand for building management systems is continuously increasing.

Whether in a flat, in a single-family house or in an office complex, KNX makes life easier. You have the possibility to manage the air-conditioning, lighting and access control systems in an easy way. Through this type of control, it is not only convenient to turn and sway but by the intelligent control of the products you save lots of energy. Another advantage is that you don´t need to complicated wirerings which connect the sensor units with the controlling devices.


KNX is Lighting Control

· Central lighting controlled in the house and garden.
· Choice of different lighting scenarios or individual dimming available.

KNX is Blind and Shutter Control

· Control of blinds and shutters with regards to wind, brightness and rain.
· Put the control of blinds and shutters on a time schedule.

KNX is Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Control

· Automatic and optimized heating control according to room usage or the needs of the inhabitants.
· Windows will be opened according to requirements.
· The ventilation system reacts to the presence of people in the room.

KNX is Audio/Video Control

· Remote control of music from everywhere within the house.
· Remote control for every single room

KNX is Operation and Visualisation

· Presentation and operation of all systems in the house via a wall mounted display.
· Easy visualisation and integration of audio-systems and monitoring cameras.

KNX is Security and Safety

· Reporting of open or broken windows and doors, burglary, smoke emission etc.
· Camera monitoring of the entrance.
· Deterrence of potential break-ins by switching on the entire home lighting system (panic mode).
· Simulation of an occupied home through control of lighting and blinds set on a timer.

To get an idea which possibilities you have with an EIB installed house click here to watch the official video by Jung!




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