Empresa Instaladora

Your licensed electrician at the Costa Blanca


Master in electrical installations

Licence categories:
- IBTB: Basic licence
- IBT1: Automized systems, energy tecniques, home security, surveillance systems, controlling systems.
- IBT2: Distribution controll systems
- IBT3: Supervision systems, controll and data systems
IBT4: Process controlls
- IBT5: Installation of overhead circuits and subterranean circuit
- IBT6: Business with danger of fire and/or explosion
- IBT7: Operating rooms, Sterile rooms
- IBT8: Condenser discharge lamps, public illuminating, Gasentladungslampen, billboards, etc
-IBT9: Installations of generators

Issued by::
Generalitat Valenciana - Consellería d´indústria, comerc i innovació

Licence number:


Homematic Partner Licence

Issued by EQ-3

KNX/EIB Installation licence

Issued by:
Jung Iberíca


Examination as an electrician

Issued by Elektro-Innung Neu-Ulm/Günzburg
(Electro Guilt Neu-Ulm/Günzburg - Germany)